Each week we will unleash a new monster into your world with an original illustration & story to match.
We hope you enjoy, share, & perhaps find a bit of solace knowing that monsters, like humans,
face numerous challenges, curiosities & wonders as they go through life.

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Upstairs Thumbnail

Upstairs Downstairs

I live upstairs And you live downstairs And never we two shall meet, For I do things my way And you do them yours, Separate and each complete. It takesRead more →

Cant Wont thumbnail

The Can’t and the Won’t

The Can’t is a monster who gets in your head At the moment that you start to doubt What you can do and who you can be And whether you’reRead more →

Monster Moves Thumbnail

Monster Moves

We got moves Monster moves We got grooves In our shoes And we stretch up to the sky Reach up, way up high And we say “Ooooooo! Ooooo, oooo, oooo!”Read more →