The Can’t and the Won’t

The Can’t is a monster who gets in your head
At the moment that you start to doubt
What you can do and who you can be
And whether you’re with or without.

“I can’t write a poem.” “I can’t sing a song.”
“I can’t build a thing-a-ma-loo.”
The Can’t will rejoice and do flips in the air
As you limit the things you can do.

The Can’t has a sister and her name is Won’t
And wherever he goes, she’s with he.
And the two of them joined will make sure that you
Will never be what you could be.

For it’s certain that when you say “I CAN not,”
“I WILL not” will follow, you know.
And when you WILL not, than of course you DO not.
And if you DO not, you won’t grow.

So reader, beware of this terrible pair
In your moments of incertitude.
And never allow the doubt in your mind
To decide what you can and can’t do.

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