Sleep Monster

On those fretful evenings when you simply cannot sleep,
In the dismal darkness as you toss and turn,
Your thoughts are jumbled, bumbled, there’s no hope of counting sheep,
Your feet twitch and your stomach starts to burn.

There’s a reason that the hours seem to tick tick tock away;
There’s a someone that’s responsible for this.
It’s a monster that delights in keeping restful winks at bay,
And destroys your brief but blessed bedtime bliss.

He giggles as he sneaks some trouble-thoughts inside your brain,
Quandaries like “What would I do without my mom?”
He chortles while he whispers wonders weighty and mundane,
Making sure your mind is anything but calm.

His favorite moment, best of all, is when he starts to see
Your frustration leap to panic, then to dread.
He jumps and twirls and dances in a fast and frenzied glee
As you count down sleepless hours in your head.

It’s futile to resist him as he makes your evening hell;
It’s worthless to combat him or to fight.
It’s best to take a deep breath and to simply say “oh well,”
Then take a pen and paper out to write.

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