Seymour sat on the see-saw on a sunny summer day
A sunny summer day where he always sat
Where he always sat inches from the ground
Inches from the ground he waited for a comet
A comet that could come and launch him through the air
Through the air and through the clouds and through the stratosphere
Through the stratosphere up to the purple moon
To the purple moon for a fancy picnic lunch
A fancy picnic lunch and a game of hide and seek
A game of hide and seek with all the silver stars
All the silver stars singing “Catch us if you can!”
“Catch us if you can and then we’ll take a nap.”
Take a nap, thought Seymour, on a thin and wispy cloud
A thin and wispy cloud like the one above his head
The one above his head that he was staring at
Staring at the sky and drifting in a daydream
A daydream on a see-saw on a sunny summer day

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