137 Daffodil Lane

Barry, Wendell and Pepper worried as they looked at the tiny bed.
What if they had forgotten how to be scary?
They were 94 years out of practice.

They used to be unstoppable.

Barry looked to Wendell: “Hey, remember that one time when Pepper….and she made that terrifying….oh and the little guy got so scared that he….”

They all remembered for a moment, taking in their history with supreme satisfaction.

“Oh, yeah, incredible! And then there was the time when Barry got right behind the….and no one could even….Bahh! Hilarious! Humans will be trying to figure that one out for years,” Wendell giggled.

They all slapped their monster thighs and patted their monster bellies with good cheer.

“But let’s be honest…Wendell, you really brought it home that one time, just after the New Year, when …the poor girl nearly…I laughed so hard, chocolate milk ker-spluffed right out of my nostril!” Pepper howled.

They sighed: “Good times…”

But times had changed.

The world outside 137 Daffodil Lane moved so quickly now.
What if the new inhabitants didn’t have time to be scared?
What if nothing could raise even a centimeter of neck hair?
What if the new child jumped triumphantly into bed each night without one smidge of deliciously curious fear of what might lurk beneath, above, or behind…?

The three breathed deep, looked to each other, and then out the window at the moving truck screeching to a halt.

A child tumbled from the truck right through the front door shouting:
“Which room is mine?! Which room is mine?!”

A mother cried: “Jack… be careful! It’s an old house and you never know what you might find in there!”

Pepper cleared her monster throat, “Alright guys…Let’s do this.”

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  • November 1, 2012 at 3:22 am // Reply

    I’m glad their back in the swing of things! This opening is brilliant!

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