Jacob the Lonely

Now I sit here all alone;
There used to be more of us.
But just last week,
I scared them all away.

I put ants in their tea
And ghostly sounds in their sleep.
I tore out the sconces and left the wires to dangle.
I even once poured tapioca all over the patio furniture.

So, one by one, they disappeared.
Some shriveled, some melted, some suddenly stormed out.
Some simply snuck out the back door while I slept, snoring–

Now I sit in the corner of my room.
My long fingers tap-tap-tap on my teacup,
Tapping out sounds for nobody but me.

Yesterday I lifted my longest finger to point and shriek: Eeeeee-yahhh!
But then I remembered
They were already gone.

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