Judgy Judy

Judgy Judy had a judgmental eye
She would stare and harrumph at each passerby

Her venomous stare could sting with one look
And it only took one, only one look it took
To reduce other monsters to buckets of tears
Oh, her poisonous judgings could haunt you for years

Nothing and no one were safe from her gaze
As she could find fault in thousands of ways:

If your eyes were too bright, if your teeth were too white
She’d curl up her lip and blow scoffles in spite

If you wore black with brown, she was surely to frown
If you tripped and fell down – well, you might as well drown

She could tell if your pants were a little too short
And she’d point and she’d snicker and sometimes she’d snort

And glasses? No one who is ANYONE wears GLASSES!

As for Judy, she was flawless; you couldn’t compare
With her fashionable clothes and her silky smooth hair

She knew she was perfect in every way
And she didn’t care what you had to say
‘Cause she had all the joys that perfection can bring
Except for one infinitesimal thing…

She had zero friends.

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