Happy Horrordays!

It’s that time of year–
The season that we all look forward to with bated breathe.
The leaves are changing colors, gently falling to the ground,
And arranging themselves in a beautiful, decomposing patchwork of death.
Halloween is days away… but CHRISTMAS is just around the corner!

Now, we know you’ve got other things to the think about:
Piano lessons.
Yom Kippur.

But drop everything!  CHRISTMAS is what you really need to be focusing on!
What will you get your Great Aunt Lucinda?
What does Uncle Julius really need?
Your little sister, Sabrina?
Your big brother, Oscar?
What about your portly music teacher, Mr. Honeybuckets?

And most importantly, what do YOU want?
What object do you need NOW, more than ever?

Would you like to rip the wrapping off a brand new claw sharpener?
Tear the tissue to reveal your very own poisonous porcupine pants?
Or maybe you want to lift the lid to uncover a one-of-a-kind toothbrush carved from the tusk of a recently thawed woolly mammoth?

All these fabulous finds and much more can be found in the Uffelman Christmas Collection, designed exclusively for BULLSEYE.

Or maybe you just wanted to go trick-or-treating…

Too bad.  It’s CHRISTMAS!

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