On the third Thursday of every month
Every monster west of Winchelsea River celebrated
Anyone who was anybody went to Fuzzy’s Eyebrow Emporium to buy new eyebrows.
Because there was a SALE of course!
Buy one, get one half off!
Buy one new eyebrow and Fuzzy would shave off half of the other one!
What a deal! What a steal! It was totally unreal!

Eyebrows in all shapes and colors, eyebrows in all lengths of hair.
Some even came with a special bonus jewel embedded in the corner.

Some monsters bought in bulk to place eyebrows upon their scales, big toes, or outer shells.
Some monsters shared the benefits – purchasing in pairs
One friend would get a full eyebrow
And one would get the half.

But all the monsters walked away with smiles upon their faces
looking beautiful and unique and absolutely scary.
After all…

“Bushy, thin, straight or arched, united or apart
An eyebrow can define your look, but you’re the work of art!”

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  • November 24, 2014 at 5:45 pm // Reply

    I would NOT go to fuzz or what ever it is called to get my beautiful eyebrows cut in half.P.S.i love you.

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